10 x 20 Garden

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kind bud
Nov 8, 2008
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Some stuff to start with....plan on planting some seeds today and get them going, My 71 year old friend and part time employer and i are going to have this one at her place....might sale some at the farmers market as well....The rototillers supose to be on its way :holysheep:

The tomatoes are Cherekee purple and rutgers....might be good!

wheres those garden pics brother? ;) :D ...i just started working mine a little yesterday. burnt it off, and i'm just waiting out the cool weather a little to till and plant...i love to see nice veggie gardens man...i'll get a thread kicked off soon here...peace...
Hey they are coming, I just started to plant today.....i have plants I grew and I have plants I bought.....going shopping for herbs and things tomorrow.....had to cover up the plants because its going to get chilly tonight....i'll check out your garden in near future...I like to garden to... My Garden is now 15' W x 30' L...
I'm wondering if a person can support tomatos the scrogg way? I did some searches and didnt see anything said about it......I'm thinking of some chicken wire to set up around the garden to keep rabbits out.....and was wondering about raisng some wire 5 or 6 inches from the ground support the wire with stakes so the plants can lay down on the wire instead of the ground...anyways I dont have cages or stakes yet and was wondering if this other way can be done...anyone do it or know...seems like it would work....a wooden frame made of 2 x 4s with partitions, with wire nailed to the tops of the boards spreading the wire across them...but then i'd have to buy wood....any ideas...is there a better type wire or plastic support one can use instead of chicken wire...tks
you ever see that orange snow fencing material made from plastic that road crews use? that would work good for what your planning instead of wire. you can prolly go to your local dump and get all you need for free too. sometimes the dump is a goldmine for materials to do small projects.;) :D ...peace...
Thanks......I put up a rabbit fence today...to keep the rabbits out....And I'm going to use the left over fence to make the compost bin......Iris I know what orange material your talking about...I'll give it a try...good tip on the dump...I know someone who worked at such a place and he has a very nice collection of antiques and things...some which probly came from there....

Heres some pictures of my garden and my fence and compost pile .....Going to put some herbs in probly sunday....





I'm expanding my bed this year from 10 x 20 to 13 x 35 as well as a couple small plantings throughout the yard that will include veggies and fruits. We already stripped the sod and plan doing an initial breakup of the soil as soon as is possible. We'll put a couple truckloads of compost on the soil as soon as possible and add some decomposed manure to it as well. We've decided ALL our vegetables from now on will be heirloom only and we'll reserve enough seed stock each year to cover the next two to three years of plantings. We haven't laid out a plan for exactly what we'll be planting this year.

Happy veggies to you to.. :)

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