It's Been about 20 Years Since Last Grow

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Cinderella 99 2

Started to show some signs of root issues as well after nute change. The tea has also helped her get going again.

I'm not sure if the FIM worked or not. Almost looks like some recovering cut leaves. Time will tell as it grows out more.


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I made a diy bubble cloner.

If interested in how I made it, it's in the "hydroponic grow" forum.

Super easy and inexpensive.

Thought I lost a couple clones, but after adding the dome, they've showing life again.

Clones are from:
TKBI, SW, 1 Cinderella 99, 2 Critical Mango, 2 Power Plant.


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The wife continues to complain about the odor from the plants. I had turned the scrubber up but it wasn't completely concealing the smell. If fact, it was leaking through the ceiling and you could smell it on the 1st floor above the grow tent. So, this morning I got the scrubber off the floor and hung up high. Hoping this will help. From the looks of things, I'll need to clean the filter cover...

Also added a dehumidifier into the tent. I couldn't get the humidity levels down below 60, even with the tent door open. This is a nice unit as I can set the humidity level, it turns on and off as needed. I wanted to add a hose to drain directly to the floor drain but it would require drilling a hole into the wall and I'm sure the wife wouldnt have it. So, I'll be emptying the reservoir every few days - its large and will do the whole basement while only having to empty the reservoir every few days.


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The plants...

Mendo has finally started to really flower. More and more pistals stacking.

Do I need to thin the plant out? Remove lower/inner growth? I trim regularly but it's like a losing battle. I dont really mind having popcorn nugs on this one. I have some friends who "cant wait to sample". This would be a good "give away".


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The TKBI is doing g FANTASTIC! It's at 31 days in flower.

Frosty and getting more so each day.

The clone is rooting.


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The SW is continuing to bounce back strong. Gonna be a small yield - maybe a quarter to half oz.

Its clone has rooted as well.

I removed it from the connected system and put it on a lid with blocks to get it closer to the light. Should help.


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I went by my friends house to see about some gummies he had my last trip there. Long story short, I took 2 gummies on New Years Eve and got REALLY messed up. I went to look at the package and read 350grams. There were only 10 gummies in the package! So, I was so messed up due to taking 70 grams, not the typical 10 grams each. A bit of an uncomfortable night.

Anyway, we spoke again about the Mendo. He again said I should just scrap it. But, it's FINALLY really starting to flower. I dont have anything to put in its place yet, nothing ready to go into flower except its clone. So, I took another clone from it and threw away the clone that was in veg. If it's any good, I'll still have another one to grow later on.

The one if flower smells incredible - an almost sweet pine smell. I removed most of the sugar leaves yet again, but only on half the plant (that alone took about an hour). I'm not gonna spend much time on it anymore, just let it go as is.

He told me that something he has had to learn is that sometimes you just need to let strains go and move on. He told me of a guy who goes through a couple hundred strains a year, but might keep just 1 or 2! This is the same guy who had just left the strawberry cough clone with him (he already had that strain going and just gave me the clone).

Pics 1 and 2 of the Mendo clone, upper and lower, before going into the trash.

Pic 3 of the Mendo mother in flower since December 11th.

Pic 4 is the new Strawberry Cough clone.


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The TKBI is looking REALLY impressive. The ENTIRE PLANT IS FROSTY! This is one that was close to being disposed of. So glad I didnt give up on it.

My friend said this is one I need to hang on to. I told him of my sick looking clone and he said not to worry, "I have plenty more."


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The SW is doing well. It's starting to frost up too. It's about a week behind the TKBI.


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The Critical Mango (CBD strain) has really started to flower. I'm excited to see what becomes of it. It started to show signs of flowering really quickly. I took 2 clones before putting it into flower that I put into veg tonight.


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I'm really excited about the Power Plant. It started showing some real positive signs today, like its gonna be really frosty as well.


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The Cinderella 99 is slow going. Lots of growth, but not flowering...? It has shown its sex in a few places, but no flowering taking place. It's supposed to have the same flowering time as the Power Plant. Doesn't seem that way...

I do have a clone in the bubble cloner that has rooted. I planned on giving it to my friend who gave me the Strawberry Cough.

I also have another one from seed that's in the veg tent. Second pic


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The veg tent is full again - 2 Critial Mango, 2 Power Plant, one Cinderella 99, and the new Strawberry Cough.

The bubble cloner has 2 Cinderella 99s (1 rooted, 1 hasnt), two Mendo clones, a SW clone, and the TKBI clone.

The SW and TKBI have both rooted. The roots are just smaller. Second pic is the smallest of the root systems of the clones that went into veg tonight.


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Needs some advice on about how much longer this plant has...?

This is the TKBI (Triangle Kush Billy Idol). Its been in flower since December 17.

It's hard holding the loop to the camera for a pic but I did my best. From what I can see, almost all are cloudy, with a few Amber mixed in (not visible in pics).

Reading, I've seen that a minimum of 50% (but as much as 70%) of the hairs should turn from white as the first indicator. However, the maximize accuracy, the tricomes should be mostly cloudy, with some amber.

I'm sure this one isn't ready, but wondering how closely I should be watching prior to a 2-3 day flush. If I go by what the person I got the clone from stated, it would be ready for harvest in 10 days - for a total of 55 days. I'm not sure I have that long...? Hairs are changing color quickly - more and more each day.


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15 to 25 days id say
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Thanks Lesso.

I'll check again in about 5 days and re-access. It's a bit of a pain checking on this one as it's in the back.
15 to 25 days id say
I think you may be right. It's not as close as I thought. It's taking some getting used to using the loop. But, I think I've figured it all out, including using it with my phone.

It is fattening up nicely. I started adding Kool Bloom and it really took off, swelled up a couple days later.

I've also pulled it out of the connected system and put it in it's own bucket, raising it closer to the light. Pretty sure this has contributed to better results as well.

No hurry, but excited to get my first harvest.


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I believe the Kool Bloom has also helped all the plants in flower.

I was convinced I'd be cutting down that beast Mendo plant. It is now frosting up and fattening up - it's only been about 10 weeks!

I'm sure the trimming helped as well - 5.5 ounces wet. BTW, I tried putting some of the "hash oil" made from the trimmings on top of a bowl and it sent me over the top. Almost scary, to where I found myself having to sit down at one point. I still have a half quart jar full I need to process.

I'm still debating how long I'm gonna let this thing go. I have another plant (Cinderella99) ready to go into flower.


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The Critical Mango is looking incredible! Nice long buds, starting to really frost up.


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The Power Plant is doing well. Its fattening and frosting up nicely.


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