250 cooltube kit

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Apr 6, 2011
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im looking for the better 250 watt hp system to buy. a kit would be cheaper. so light ballast and cooltube with shade. some companies are shifty sounding so i need types of lights? or a place that carries these. also some i see have mh that works with it. or the hps/ mh bulb what is better? to change bulbs or just use 1 bulb threw veg and flower?
I don`t know if you are in the UK, If you are have a look here

Someone can better help you on gear and where to buy, the bulb question is a simple one for me though...HPS, ignore the MH...UNLESS you have no other light for vegging, then MH is good for that.

If you can swing it, I would suggest a T5 for vegging, cheaper to run and works just as good (if not better, IMHO).

Oooops, found the link, check here for lights:


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