30 years ago today.

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:48: this one is for you Nesta Robert Marley
I went on a cruise to Jamaica one year, didn't realize until we were walking through the streets trying to get back to the ship after a bad drug deal (loooonnnnggggggg story, don't go into the mountains alone....). We were starting to fear for our lives, I was wondering if I was gonna have to sacrifice the lady as a diversion :D but all the crazy people, all the dancing and wild acting nuts filtering around us were simply celebrating Bob's birthday....

THANKFULLY! Would have been a long return sailing without my female companion aboard! LMAO

I wasn't 6...........but 16 sounds about right! :)
we live,we die and death not ends it
:smoke1: :smoke1: :smoke1: :smoke1: :smoke1: respect! one love. Rest in Peace:tokie: :smoke1: :smoke1: :smoke1: :smoke1:
I was 2. Thanks Bob Marley for your contribution :aok:

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