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Mar 3, 2011
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hey all im currently on day 40 of my grow. I planted my seeds directly into 3 gallon pots in FFOF soil and ran my lights 24 hours for the first two weeks and now have the reg schedule of 18/6 my plants are about 3' or bigger and some smaller. My question is will i be ok with NOT transplanting these now that im so far into veg and my plants have grown big? What is the average size they should be out of these 3gallon buckets? Anyone with some input or knowledge +REPS to you.
About a foot per gallon, vegging 3 foot plants is a mistake as they can tripple in size.

Got any pictures? What kind of lighting do you have?
It's likely you're rootbound, have the plants slowed in growth dramatically? The bigger the plant, the more reasons for transplanting IMHO. Those roots are likely wrapped around and around that pot, the only parts of the roots absorbing are the ends which are not as many as could be since they just keep circling. Transplanting also gives fresh soil to the gals, which could lead to less nute issues in the end, IMHO!

Why are you on an 18/6 light schedule, this could induce stretch.

Vegging 3 footers can be a problem, but if you have strong lighting (at least 1000w HPS) and good headroom, go for it! My first was 6'+ at harvest and brought me 10oz of killer bud...not that all results will be similar of course, but it's doable. If headroom is an issue, bend the gal over, she'll be OK and you may be surprised at the outcome!

The strong lighting is so the light penetrates deep into the plant. Less light means airy buds, this is true at the bottom OR the top of the plant!
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make sure to cut the root ball w/ a razor. i usually go 8 slices vertically around the ball & couple on bottom, then trim plant a lil & w/in a wk should be seeing new growth. i'd put em in 7g pots min & atch em go. nice to have a 1k on each.
Just keep in mind that, if they are indeed routbound, they're gonna start growing like crazy. If headroom is a concern, be ready!

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