4 strains its showtime day one

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day one of flowering starts now.

9 x an unknown strain but from same mother that ive flowered before and average two and quarter oz under 1 x 600 hps at 4' tall stretched lots.

next are 5 critical mass obtained from a buddy on another u.k. website.

then we a have large bushy too bushy sensi star.


a power plant

and a sweet tooth.

now star, sweet tooth and unknown have all been grown before so its the critical mass im keen to get done as im a first timer on this strain.

all 17 plants are in 7.5 litre pots except star which is in 10 litre pot all grown in a soil mix under two parabolic 600w hps's two 6" inline and 1 x 20" osc fan.

ionic bloom, boost and bnzyme for soil are the nutes with other stuff added as and when

Lookin really good there! I get excited for everyone on here, just as if they were my own lol I love when people post pics!
great looking set up and plants. cant wait to see those babies flower. keep those pics coming.
damn you didn't lie....some of those ladies are huge :cool: let the flowering begin :D
bastard timer stuck off for two days so its showtime from today

can someone with photoshop knowledge enlarge my piccies please


Looking good PJ. Garden is starting to fill in real nice. Great job.
tbg you want to see the differance after few days no room to move post some pics at wekend of budsites and whole room

now 11 days into full flower after timer stuck on and shit i think ive too many in space having to water each plant 1-2 litres each each day.

another 7 weeks of this nightmarish watering.

dang PKJ, you're soon to be .."up to your arse" in buds..:D
awesome bunch of bushes you gor there...looking great parkingjoe :cool:
hey mutt geat!!!

hey ldy gor!!!


im not the only one who hits the key next to the one i meant to hit



thanks people for the comments.....

now for some nice skunk ill attach a pic in a mo

Joe...you ever find yourself looking at the keyboard to see why the poster made a typo :rolleyes:

nice to see i'm not alone Mutt

i've gor to go now...have a geat day all :D

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