400 hps bulb

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Oct 2, 2005
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Hey All,

I started to grow my plants under a 400 watt hps, and it's going good its been grwing steady for a weak and its about 4in. tall and i read about this topic, and it says but your hand under the light by the soil and if its to hot for comfort then raise it up making sure that a good rule. Anyway i have been growing about a weak and the seeds i had are nugget seeds and the leaves look purpleish, jw what u think?

Also how much longer till' the flowering stage.

isn't that kinda tall for only growin a week put light no less than 3 in., no more than 1 in. from plant. Do u have fans?
yeah i have fans and ill be getting pics once i get my new camera
Honestly this kid is dumb, he has no grow room he has no plant he has no light.
He asks me alot about this kinda shit but never listens to what i say :rolleyes: .

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