A Weed-Based Economy

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May 25, 2005
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That's what we have here in The Triangle.
Retailers who sell cars, appliences, furnature and electronics are stocking up.
Also clothing stores and places like tire stores.
Because some people only get 1 paycheck a year, and that's coming up in about a month or 2. It will be burning a hole in their pocket.
The economy here BOOM'S in Oct/Nov.

If you want to buy pot cheap come on out to The Triangle. You can find lbs for as cheap as a grand each, weed that would be worth more than twice that much elsewhere (like L.A.).
All you have to do is come up to somewhere like Ukiah or Arcata or Mendocino and hang out for a day or two, talking to people.
few established growers will sell to strangers. So you'll be dealing with people desperate for $$, and there are also criminals out here looking to rip people off.
A few years ago an out-of-towner (someone I know) showed up to buy a few pounds. He met some people and made arragements to meet in a park late that night.
He should have know better.
When he got there he was attacked by 4 guys, 1 who hit him in the head with a gun.
They took all his $$$.
I guess the rippers didn't think he would go to the cops, but he did after getting stiches at the local hospital.
The fact that the attack happened in relationship to a drug deal didn't matter. Assault and battery is a crime no matter what set it off.
The victim was able to pick 2 of the guys out of a line-up and they were prosecuted and 1 guy (the one with the gun) ended up spending a month in jail and the other was given probation.
So come on out--but be carefull.
rofl...a cooincidence that it's a "420" acre ranch?
About Hayfork, in Trinity County:

I know it quite well, one of my friends lives there.
The population (1,700--about the size of Mayberry) is comprised mostly of tweakers, old hippie's and okie's.
There are no traffic lights. In fact there are no traffic lights in the entire county, not even 1.
There are 2 small markets and 1 dairy.
There are no drive-thru's or chain stores. 1 gas station and 2 bars.
Rent is cheap. My friend lives in a old manufactured home on 3 acres of land and pays $475.00/month.

Trinity County (pop. 10,000):
In the entire county there are only 3 chain stores. Starbucks (naturally), Burger King and Subway. All 3 of those are located in Weaverville (pop. 3,500), the county seat.
If you want to buy a new t.v., furnature or many other things you must leave the county.
There is only 1 jail in the county. There is only 1 police force and sometimes there is only 1 cop on duty.
In some outlying communities, if you call a cop it will take them over 2 hours to get there (in good weather).
If you move out here you will learn "Trinity Time".
That's like if you call let's say a plumber on Monday and he says "I'll be there Thursday" you have to ask "You mean THIS coming Thursday?"

People are generally nice.

There is very little crime. There has never been a bank robbery in this county (only 2 roads lead in and out).
Last year there were 3 stolen cars reported. Same reason, only 2 roads.
If you ride your bike to the store you leave it outside, unlocked. No one will steal it.

Like everywhere, there is a criminal element. But they usually confine themselves to burglery, involvement with meth and occasionally ripping off people's plants.

Unemployment is the highest in Calif.--nearly 15%, and some people only work part-time.
Of course that unemployed level includes people who grow pot for a living.
Sounds pretty good, GG. I hope to buy some land in that area, but am not in a position to do it now. From Sonoma area, myself.
Theman -

Yeah, it looks pretty sweet. I would love to invest in something like that, but there are no real jobs that you can get once you move there. That's the catch. I dunno, but my guess is that there are only haves and have-nots up there. Might do some hiking up in the Trinity Alpine/Marble Mountains area just to check it out.

Only problem is, I don't wanna accidentally stumble on anyone's "Weed Based Economy" out there. I hear that guerilla growers don't f**k around if they think you're out to steal. I would never do that, but don't wana have to try explaining that to some foot soldier 10 miles into the backcountry.
You won't have a problem as long as you stay on signed trails.
Hey, GG.

Yeah, you're right. And I always try to stay on trails as much as possible. However, maybe I'm a little paranoid, because I had an accidental run-in with a grower in a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) parcel near Napa.

Long story, but here it is abbreviated.

1. Stumbled on a Sativa paradise. Wasn't gonna steal, but was curious, so I was lookin' around.

2. Homeless skater punk dude throws me a right hook out of nowhere.

3. I attempt to leave.

4. He follows me down the trail, trying to pull my pack off, hitting me in back and shoulders.

5. He was stupid, cause I'm bigger than he was. I pounced on him and banged his head against a tree trunk. He acquiesced. I hit the trail again.

6. Mutherf**cker is following me down the trail again. I pounce him again, grab his nuts, and then squeeze until he begs for mercy. "Please, you have my life in your hands!", he wailed.

7. I let go, tell him to leave me the hell alone 'cause I'm no theif. Then, I high tail it out of there before he can come back with a gun.

Those wilderness sentries think they have license to go balistic on people, but they are just using the scenario as an excuse to get violent. I should have give him the beating of his lifetime and smoked up all the Sativas while he watched.

Sorry if I sound bitter. :) Growing marijuana is not a crime, but getting violent with innocent bystanders sure is!
Hey Guru whut up man im deifnately interested in talking with u. Business up here in canada
I had a buddy that got riped off not to long ago. Ended up with 2 people dead and my friend in prison for the rest of his life. I hate rippers. This is why I just sell to family and close friends, and I never do anything big. An 1/4 Oz here, a Oz there. I never keep enough on hand to do any kind of big sales anyway. I just grow enough to make sure my friends dont have to go to some dealer where they are going to get fucked or shot, and so I dont have to buy and support some mexican's drug ring.

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