Am I wasting my time looking for skunky weed seeds?

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last seeds i knew of were held by a Cabana member who lives up in the golden triangle , about 15 years ago

i had some BSHW x NL#5 that that i grew about 10 years ago and is now my Big Sandy Holyweed

i have smoked the original during my visits to Lime Kiln beach back in the 60’s

the story i heard was a monk named Perry who frequented Esalen brought the strain to the community

but it has gone the way of RKS and Santa Marta Gold
I always wondered about the gold. I was seeing a lot of it in the mid 70's. Very gold, about the color of cig tobacco. Smelled chocolatey, hash like. Very pliable, yet burned excellent in a joint. Great stuff to light up at a party, and walk off. I. A few moments, all partakers were chasing you down. The taste and smell was gorgeous.

How in the wide world of sports did they get that color and how do you get that taste? Gone forever I guess. Same with the Skunk. Closest thing to old school these days is a good hashy indica. Those are all getting fruit flavored it seems to me these days.


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