another Christmas holiday cheer contest

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old goat
Jul 21, 2020
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here we go gotta guess the total weight of the jar, lid, and contents...gorilla breath is the strain, hard and dense flowers...the guesses have to be in grams for the guess to be valid...I'm thinking Sunday evening will be the cut off date, 8pm is the last moment a guess will be entertained...
my buddy got 'em for me years ago when I was trying to put big buds in 1/2 gallon mason jars...yeah, I love 'em but have only 2...I'm now using the grove qp. size bags and love the simplicity and performance...:)
to clarify, the ad hoc rules do not permit changing your numbers...crash gets a bye because I didn't make the "rules" clear earlier...I wrote the number on the lid so if I smoke any I'll not change the answers...

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