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I'm in Munich (München) . And Munich is in Bavaria , southern Germany . We speak bavarian 'Bairisch' here .
Welcome uropa! This forum is filled with wonderful folks who love to help out both newbies and experts in all things growing. Definitely post a pic when your babies com
Welcome uropa, can't wait to watch your babies grow. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you - question : how long from covering my sprouted seedling with clay until I get to see the leaves peeping through? thks
High Folks , I've just joined , am in Germany and have learned a lot from your postings . Have just started to (try) to germinate three seeds . AK-47 , Girl Scout and Moby **** . But am very optimistic. Will post some photos as soon as I have something to show :=)
Welcome to the forum dude

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