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May 10, 2022
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Hi, thank you for letting me join. Looking forward to learning and hopefully producing some beautiful 🪴 plants and buds. I started the grow process 6 weeks ago and have gotten this far with some insight from my son in law and this sites basic non-member functions. I joined as a member today.

I bought feminized seeds (not autoflowering) and germinated 6 into 24oz cups and just moved them last Friday into 2 gallon Lowe’s buckets and they seemed to widen out and open up.. I can see new growth on all of them, and I’ve started reading about topping. As a group they seem happy.. I’m in a 4’x2’x5’ tall tent with a wakyme light(not sure the intensity), charcoal draw vent and I have a couple fans moving the air and bodies..

To me it’s fascinating how they each of the 6 really look different from the others even though it’s the same seed strain (Girl Scout Cookies). Taller, fatter, thicker layers and even one with obese, heavy leafs that I can’t tell if the plant is happy or sad? She’s a darker green as well?

Thanks again for letting me join and I look forward to reading and learning from everyone. More to follow..


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Welcome to the Passion and i hope you have fun with your grow. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask.
BTW, a pic of your light might help. The ones of that brand I see are all fine for veg, but some maybe not for flower.
Hello sportzjunky Welcome to Marijuana Passion. :)
Welcome. As you can see if you need help, and you will, you have come to the right place. You just need to be able to separate the banter from the help.

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