noob with a grow question

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I eat one of these every night a few hours before bed. It helps me go to and stay asleep.
I remember when most all weed came with seeds. Sometimes a lot of seeds. I still find weed crumbs in gatefold album covers from de seeding. Personally I preferred a shoe box lid.

They use to make rolling trays for rolling and getting seeds out of the weed. The seeds would roll down the tray into a small trough.
I'll take one for ya when I get outta my lazy mode!

This is my third. The first ones that came out had a little plug on the troth so you could pour the seeds out with the lid on. They also came with a paper that said they'd replace the lost door if you mailed them. No email back then. The second version had the same door but it was attached to a couple of flimsy hinges. They broke, doors got lost. The third version had no door.
I still remember how the second one died. A bunch of stoner friends and I loaded up in my pickup and headed out to the drive-in to see 200 Motels. We pulled in with the truck box facing the screen and pulled out the lawn chairs. I sat next to the front wheel on the ground. The tire was a convenient spot to set the tray while cranking joints. Guess what happens when you roll a half ton Chevy over one?
i pulled a few seeds from the plant. since then 2 things have happened.
first, the plant is revegging in some spots, but doesn't seem to be producing any more seeds for now. nothing that looks like pollen yet either.
second, the seeds i pulled are in paper towels and one has germinated already and is now happily growing in soil.
next up, i wanna learn how to grow in coco/perlite. time to do some more reading of this awesome forum.

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