I'm not sure what to do

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Do you think the autos are normal size for two weeks ?
They look a hell of a lot better than my autos at 2 weeks…

These are the same plants at 7 and a half weeks…

I am growing these outside so comparing apples to hamburger but I just wanted to give you a point of reference.

As far as 2 plants in one pot goes, it can be done but it is not the best practice. I grew 6 plants in one 1 gallon pot last year. It worked but I wouldn’t do it again.
Yea I have one seed left from these I am gonna do it by itself asap I totally didn't think... the buckets are 3/4 full and the leaves are starting to touch the sides idk if it's gonna hurt it but there extremely short not tall at all they look great today though its day like 16 or 17 I believe this one was a freebie called stank milk from dream beans wich is who I got them from they have great descriptions how they got there plants the guy does all autos he's an auto junkie and I think I got some good genetics and payed 30 got four pappy's auto seeds two free limetime and three free stank milk lol but I have to read to see what they actually are these are obviously there names of whatever they crossed with. There all very beautiful plants I just am so surprised how short and stoky they are I bought a king 2000w light it's really like 234 wats or 249 from the wall I guess I read but it's doing great i used pro mix hp soil like 20 percent perlite I read it's good for the plants makrs an airy soil and worm castings say ten percent the lime time I put Dr earth tomato nutes in the soil slow release and the other two I just used a worm castings tea once so far and I usd this once organic nute called humane has nitrogen calcium sulfur potassium and a few things and I'm pretty happy they look outstanding to me first time indoors so Im kind of hooked rn


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So my plants imo are thriving I had the light way to close before it wasn't burning them but they were content not getting taller and just fatter I believe I now have it about two feet away and my buds are def getting fatter and my autos are thriving they have a few hairs coming out and they are exactly 21 days old I been doing a grow journal o. Them on grow diary's you can check it out grow diary joes grows it's under dream beans auto genetics . First grow so they are doing great i took cartys advice took the few lower leaves off and the cosyliden something like that lol I also topped one and fimmed one and daily tuking leaves back behind the shoots growing up and daily little bitbof bending stems out and down jist a little to keep them spread apart .I'm very happy so far with my outcome of buyi g a 110 dollar kingplus2000w it's 264 wat from the wall has thw new samsong diodes ded really bright also has a veg and bloom switch I use it with both on n using the corner of mu closet amd a window fam pro mix aoil worm castinf have alaskan nute morbloom 0 10 10and dr earth liquid nutes 111 also tomatow vwg nutriants 535 and humane a organic nute 233 and alaskan fiah emulsion. I have only used worm castings fish emulsion one squirt liquid dr earth I also used sorm casting and a hLf tspoon of the morbloom o. The plant in flower . Question my tap water is 7.2 ph when I add a drop of morbloom goes right down and i. Scared to water it with such llw ph and then not be able to take any nutes up any advice please chime in thanks also were is the best but cheapest place to get a 4 by 4 tent


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