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Jul 27, 2023
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Looking to know what I should use for a veg and bloom nutrients for my autos there 8 days old. Update there at three weeks I made extreme Amount of mistakes though there very healthy there very thick just short my plant light was way to close . Now that I baked them up there shooting up a little I'm gonna put them outside find a spot that gets a decent amount of light in the woods but and restart inside but we'll see what they do in the next week. There already showing little hairs does anyone think that they'll grow any bigger or should I restart let them do there own things outside I have sixty days left and there probably 27 days old I am mad at myself I thought my light was to cheap not strong enough so I had it like 6 inches away it has fans in it cooling it off and the 301 b LEDs I think they are and it wasn't burning it so they grey beautifully just wouldn't get taller short and fat . Now in the last two days they got double in he aight already oops my fault I know now I think I'll have some buds maybe a few they can grow a foot tall anyone think? Any inputs have at it anyone wants too tell me what they think of my light it's a king plus 2023 2000w it's 109 99 on Amazon please lmk what you think


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Don’t feed them until start of third week is what I am about to do. I say this as I killed my autos…poor things had to suffer because I didn’t know. First all weak and I thought…more fertilizer!

I was wrong and now Steven King wants to buy the rights so he can give their misery the words it deserves
This is day 29 they were born the 20 of July so that makes them 29 they should go to about 80 days give or take well see but that's another fifty days. I think we're doing good now there getting straight water because I already had nutrients in the soil I added before hand then worm castings tea and also a 1_4 tspoon of morebloom .5 tsp fishrmulsio. Once so they have plenty of nutes some leaves have a very light spot at the tips . Question should I flush them or just water with regular water for here on out


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The discoloration on the tips is called nute burn. It is not a big deal(some people shoot for having nute burn especially in hydro). It is just an indication your plants are getting what they need. Keep doing what you are doing but keep an eye on the plants. Doing that can be relaxing.😁

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