Any Idea ?? For Sys

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Dec 9, 2006
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OK so i have left some materials , like : air pimp ,2 air stones , 5 gallon plastic box with cover , hydroton , rockwool , two small ( half gallon pots ).

can i build any type of HYDRO-system
like a wick or some thing ,any idea's ??
You can build a DWC system pretty easily. Is the plastic box transparent/translucent? How wide in inches are the pots? Could they fit next to each other on the top of the 'box'?
ok so a plastic box is black
pots : 4 inch wide,
yhe box is 16 inch long and 13.5 wide and 8 inch deep
That seems like a decent enough size for two small plants.

Make holes in the lid big enough to hold the pots. Make a small hole near the top of the box for the air line. Run the line through there and keep the pump on top of the box so if there's a power outage the water doesn't come back into the pump. Fill pots with hydroton. Fill box with a water level that is one inch higher than the bottom of your pots. Germ seeds, place on rockwool inside the middle of the hydroton, and change water once a week. Volia
def the best way to go. i wouldnt have my water level up that high personally, but thats just me. and most definetely do not once your roots pop through

i have never experienced an easier setup than dwc. its is very hard to screw up, and production is usually more IMO than other setups...

but your supposed to keep that on the low...dwc has been on lock in the hydro circle for a long time. even now it is hard to find a good adequate source of information....

its twice as easy to find info on any other system... because dwc is the shize, ya dig :smoke1:
ob1kinsmokey said:
because dwc is the shize, ya dig :smoke1:

WORD! I like dwc... sooo easy... $30 at wally world!
haha yup.... but sshhhh

keep it down, keep it down <brushes shirt and looks around cautiously>
someone might be listening.... :p :laugh:
hahah yeah I know!! the ppl at wally world must wonder what the hell I'm doing.. with the amount of pumps, cfls, perlite, and plastic tubs I buy. lol

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