are they ready yet?

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Apr 18, 2008
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I'm growing a hybrid that I've been playing with over the years. It's a Northern lights x Haze crossed with Super Skunk, and back crossed with NLxH.

The plants are short and stocky--real sturdy build, nice and bushy.

Anyway, they are now 9 full weeks in to flower (12/12). The plants are in soil, made with ~50% peat, a bunch of perlite and vermiculite and some lime. pH has been stable at about 6.5-6.8 the whole grow. I mixed bone meal, blood meal, and high-phos guano. I watered with a touch of blood meal, guano, and mollasses during early flower, then dropped the blood meal 3 weeks in (they should have enough N to get them through flower).

Now, 9 weeks in, the hairs are completely redish brown. The leaves have taken on a nice purple color (I'm not sure if it's just the plants running out of nutes--I started watering with plain water 2 weeks ago, or if it's temps a little low at night). But I have been watching the resin glands with a 10x scope, and there is no sign of them turning. Maybe just a hair cloudy, but no evidence that a single one of them is turning amber or brown.

Could it be that the resin glands for this particular hybrid just WON'T turn? I don't want to let them go, past prime, waiting for a color change that isn't going to happen. On the other hand, I got the time, so letting them run another weeks is fine too.

I worked very hard on this one, very careful with nutes, temps, ventilation, lights.... I'd hate to blow it now!

Anyone ever had a plant that just wouldn't turn? Shouldn't I see some evidence of the trichromes changing? I'm going to scope around some more--but I didn't see any up high or down low. Nothing!
Thanks for any sage advice.
They will turn eventually, give it a little time and you will see cloudy/amber, some sativa strains take 12+ weeks to finish

Pure haze can take 120 days to ripen, so if its haze heavy, you are in for the long haul :)

Hope all works out.

If you have the time let them ripen.

Keep an eye on them trichs, they dont lie

Good luck
Thanks! I'm a little concerned now that I'm already flushing them--they look ilke they are well on the way to being completely out of nutes. I may give them a gentle little boost of guano tea and some mollasses, although at this stage in the game it might be too late to make much of a difference? I mean, I think the bulk is there--the buds aren't going to swell up much anymore. Now it's just a matter of letting the resins and oil ripen up.

Time I got--I'll give her another week, and see what's up then.

i'm just anxious to see what my little hack genetics project gives me--both strains were wicked on there own, and there babies have a crazy delicious smell and beautiful purple color. I'll see if I can figure out how to post a picture.
Some feed till the chop, I do, and have no adverse affects. That gentle feeding will help them get thru till the chop. The trichs will turn cloudy first guaranteed, then amber.
I also feed my plants right up until the chop. I truly don't think anyone can tell the difference between plants that I flushed and plants that I didn't after a proper cure.
A little organic food before harvest has never been an issue for me either.

Recently, I started growing Soma's Sour D again. I started 30 seeds to find the pheno I was looking for. All in all I had some solid plants. Some however, are appriate for this discussion.

I had 14 females. All relatively similar. There are the taller, more sativa type and visa versa but the major difference was how quickly the trichs changed. Sour D can be a notorious late bloomer and I suffered from this on some. Plants appeared ready in every way - including senescence. The plants stopped uptake, turned mature purples and canary yellows but trichs remained white and fresh.

In any case, the point is.............I waited on these, allowing them to essentailly sit there until at least some change happened. All in all, the longer maturing strains took about 10 days more. Trichs changed only mildly, but the smoke turned out incredible. In my situation I did not feed late however. I simply flushed them until they were ready.


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