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Nov 5, 2006
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Ok so I am hearing and reading about medium to moderate to average yields and what is exactly a medium yield or an average yield? I am planning on growing some white widow plants and i am wondering how much yield i will get out of them. I will be running them under 250w mh for veg and 400w hps for flowering any inputs?
ok i hear 1gram per watt is an exceptional yield and the company you bought your seeds from should tell you what kind of yield is expected. i think average in a 3x3 scrog could be considered 200 grams with a 400 watt hps. im growing WW in a 4x3 with 2 400watt hps and only have 5 fems squeezed in check my journal ill tell you what my yield was in about 7 weeks
1 gram per watt would be godlike... have to have a bunch of veg time for that.
Ok so what would be a reasonable yield to expect off 400w hps lights for flowering and 250w mh light for vegetating in a 3-4 month harvest? I am wondering what the wield would be since these lamps make a difference.

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