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I was just looking at the options there. I don't even have it set up yet. It's going to be another couple of weeks before I can afford to buy anything else. I'm not too worried about it since seeds will take a while to get here and grow up enough to matter. How fancy I have to get depends on whether my daughter can stand the smell. She's extraordinarily sensitive to scents. She's 21 so I"m not worried about her knowing about a grow.
I have built all my grow rooms out of RMax. Better than a tent and easier to clean. And the white inside surface is reflective.
Is that rmax insulation? If I had more space and more energy there are all kinds of things I'd do diy. Basically, my energy level is stuck at 40% or less capacity to I have to carefully decide where to use it. I wouldn't really save anything by going diy when my space is just a bit bigger than 2x2x4. I've been looking at small scale odor + ventilation options.

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