BBCheese + Power Plant 1st timer

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Nov 29, 2008
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  • HomeBox xl
  • 600w HPS
  • Oscilating fan { Circulation }
  • Inline Fan & Carbon Filter Kit
  • 10L pots
  • Canna coco pro + ;)
  • Canna a + b
  • Tap water ph reduced to bettween ph 6 & 7
  • 8 Fem Big Buddah Cheese { from seed 3 weeks old}
  • 6 Fem Power Plant { Same as above }.

I will need advise as i go as i dunno exactly what 2 expect at dif stages.

I have gradualy upped the canna nute content of water to around 60 % of what is advised on the back of the bottle .
They were under lamp 24\7 first 2 weeks and now 19\5
I dont know how long it will take till I am ready to go 12\12 it seems as though they are goin a bit slow but one power plant is doing much better than others. I have the light around 20 inches from canopy level but have had it closer i moved it as I was worried it would be a bit hot and some of the smaller seedlings leaves shrivelled a bit and turned downwards so I have left a bit of distance. Before they were transplanted to the pots at twelve days old they were in root riot and very spindly and long I even lost a few they were falling overt etc... It turned out that this was due to the light I was using at the time given to me by a pal for the early was a 8w footlong flourescent light ! I was clueless! this caused them to grow long in an effort to obtain light. I solved this by repotting adding 2 inches of soil on top around long stems and transfering to tent with the Hps light which i gradually moved closer. I think that this may have stressed them out and slowed ther but on the other hand you could tell me they are looking great and I wouldnt know! I will add pics of the plants l8r when i have sorted a camera. I may need help so feel free . I am also about to get canna pk 13 14, canazyme, boost Acelorator and rhitzotonic a ph tester pen and an ec meter.
I am open to advise views and opinions etc.
Cheers :confused:

Picture 011.jpg

Picture 014.jpg
hello my friend of MJ grower..That is a nice tent ..the only thing i could see so far is your light???? get that sucker as close as you can..use your hand ..I have the same Hood. but at 1000 watt..and im 18-20 from mine..we dont want to big a stretch for the light.after allready doing so..and they will be fine..just a bit of shock...may want to throw another fan aimed at the light to help push heat to exhaust..JMO..and pulling up my milk crate to watch..if you dont mind..Heres some GREEN MOJO to help them babies along..Thanks for Gowing
You are right , but those pics were when i first put under the 600w I have brought it down a bit since then.
I am having trouble keeping the humidity up it is usually around 30 % ...any clues

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hiya smk 1st the power plant will stretch big time and a very thirsty girl and nute wise your on the right track try advanced nutes big bud and ditch the canna pk 13/14 and replace with hammerhead by advanced nutrients different pk ratio but take my word ive used canna pk for years until this grow and wont use canna pk again.

rhizotonic and cannazyme does the job very well but accerator is even better ive just bought 5 litres its so good.

lastly aim fan at light in order to lower lamp nearer the plants......**** ya need lower powered lamps atm 600w is far to powerful for seedlings try flourecents
Cheers Parkin. The power plant does seem to be growin up faster than cheese. Is Hammerhead organic cos i wanna keep it eu naturel . So you thuink it best to replace pk 13 14 with hammerhead, and use big budd to replace boost accelerator , at least thats what I think you mean ......... right Also is liquid or powder big budd better . What are the ratios I.e how much would i need for 1 grow as im broke !

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