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So, I have been reading again (I know I shouldnt as it just gives me ideas).
This time it has been about trachoderma in the free magazine Urban Gardner I get from my local grow shop.
Anyway, I had some Voodoo Juice my better half bought me which is now all gone and I wont be spending what they are asking for new stuff.

I was in the routine of assing a little in my soak for rockwool cubes, 2ml/L, then at around 1month, 2ml/l again then during the first week of flower, again, 2ml/l.

DO any of you guys use beneficials, if so, how often, when do you introduce them, do you use them in hydro, which type do you use, etc, etc, etc, spill the beans on your beneficials guys! lol

Peace W
I use MycoGrow Soluble from Fungi Perfecti.

~$8 delivered, enough for 150-250 plants.

One application when I transplant rooted clones does the trick. It has Mycorrhizae AND beneficial's including trachoderma.

They also have some for hydro applications, but I've never used it.

Check them out, they've been in business since 1985 or so, long before most of these 'new' nute company's, that charge so much for the same stuff.

Just brew up a good old bucket of compost tea. It should have all the goodies you need.

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