Best state to be a pothead?

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Whats the best state to be a marijuana toker in.. which states have the least punishment of possesion and cultivation etc
well im not 100% sure on that but california is not so bad on marijuana punishments for a juvenile to get caught in possession will mostl likely end up having a ticket makin u goto court and they will probably refer u to community service for an adult would probably be a few days in jail as long as u dont have 2 much on u otherwise they will think ur selling and the punishment will b considered a felony. other than that its just a low misdemeanor that u can take off ur record
In Oregon possesion is handled much like a traffic ticket, no jail time is given, but I'm not so sure about selling. Here it's more a war against meth instead of marijuana.
it's more a war against meth instead of marijuana.
where im from, in upstate NY, the leos take you stash(for themselves), make you smash any pipe or whatever that you have, and tell you not to drive around with it on you.
Move to Canada and never worry! lol
Ah, well I'm not a famous seed seller. And keep in mind the only reason the US gov went after him was because he sold a lot of seeds in the states as well.
Where I live getting caught having under 28 grams is like a parking ticket, but more expensive. It is illegal to grow, but police here regularly bust houses with 100 or more plants, so its not exactly cost effective for them to target your average 'personal pot' grower who has maybe a dozen plants..

Funny story about the legality of smoking it..

One day on my way home from a long shift at work I decided to reward myself with a joint or two (its a long drive) So Im driving on some back roads to get back to my house, doing about 90 km/h in a 50 km/h zone (which is a $356 ticket by the way) and I light up a big fat joint..normally when Im driving I wear a seat belt but this particular time Im driving home I borrowed my friend's car which happened to be a nicely built up Jeep 4x4, so I didnt deem the seat belt necessary.

This drive takes me by a local mud pit and it just so happens my friend spent 2 hours washing & polishing his pretty jeep the day before (he built it up and NEVER 4x4s it, damn waste) so I decide to try it out in the mud. It performs admirably, so well in fact I decide to hop the 4 foot embankment to get back on the road, I got about 3 feet of air from the front tires, like a big wheely and came down pretty damn hard, with no damage luckily. Unfortunately I decided to jump back onto the road right in front of a cop who already has someone pulled over. By this time I had lit up another fatty, and he looks at me smoking my doobie, not wearing a seatbelt doing some pretty damn reckless driving and mouths "Get the **** outta my sight." At which point I promptly smile and wave, and drive away.

The guy he pulled over before me must've done something real bad.
Marc Emery is not only a big seed seller, he is also a very big medicinal marijuana activist. And for anyone who has bought seeds from him, beware, the DEA has seized the mailing list from his store and are probably cookin up some entrapment scheme. As for Canada being safer for smokers, I attended a "free Marc Emery" rally in Nova Scotia and just about everyone was rolling and smoking while the cops stood by and watched. So I guess it is safer around here.
Well police these days are definatly picking their battles, they couldnt care less about pot unless you have 100 plants in your house. The real problems that the police are focusing on are cyrstal meth, heroin, people shooting up in the streets ect ect..

For example..
Today on my drive home from work (high rise construction downtown) I saw a homeless drug addict who was so messed up on whatever she was on it took 3 cops to hold her down and and one more to actually cuff her, and dont get me wrong, these cops were big guys..the smallest was probably 6 feet even and about 200 pounds. The woman was about 5'6 and couldnt have weighed more than a hundred pounds.

When cops have stuff like that to deal with on a daily basis, they laugh at someone smoking a doobie and wish they could join in.
Which State is the best state to spark up a Blunt on your front porch, or hit the bong with a bunch of friends in the park, or sit in your own living room smokin' a spliff playing Tony Hawks American Wasteland... The Answer None.

Although In some states The punishments vary, you have to remember it is still unlawful to do so. So here is my advice to you, Unless you have a medical condition and live in a state that pehaps allows the smoking of Marijuana, Which Most states that do permit it, also you have to remember our government doesn't. (which cause a sticky situation for even the sickest of people.)

So here is my advice to you...

Be smart about your Weed.

* Think about who your smoking with, only smoke with people you trust.
* If you live in a Highly Populated area it's most likely not the best Idea to light up On your front porch or infront of an open window where everyone and his brother can see you.
* If your growing, tell as little people as possible, say one person gets jealous they will go spouting off about it, and you know how word of mouth can go.

There are many other tips I could give you.. But most like the above are very self-explainitory... remember just because one person somewhere can get away with it, doesn't always mean you can too.
Rule 1: Grow for personal use. Don't sell. You can explain 2-3 plants. 100 forget it you are definetly getting slapped with intent to distribute. (Felony and def. jail). 2-3 plants you can get a lawyer and squirm your way out of jail.

Rule 2: Don't even let your best freind see your grow. All it takes is a slip of the tongue.

Rule 3: Control that odor growing. You don't want the neighbors smelling a white widow in full flower. :)

Marc Emery was a seed salesman, but mainly a heavy activist. Feds wanted to make an example with all of the medical MJ issues going on. It was an isolated incident, there are tons of seed banks up there and they aren't getting hauled off.

(If I were Canada, I would have told the Feds to control there own border and leave my civilians alone). Feds love to make people like Emery martyrs, and give themselves a black eye in the global view.
the reason there are a lot of seed banks in canada is becuase it is perfectly legal in our country to sell and distrubute seeds for any reason at all, no matter the seed. it becomes a crime when the store starts selling cuttings,and or cannabis under the table, and as soon as your plant grows ur are commiting the crime. it happend in my town, one of the original head shops got busted for it way back when , and they had to change owners and the name of the store to save face within the community.

and the only way you are gunna get busted around here is if u are growing comercially.... like whole basement type grow op. or if ur out on the streets sellin dimes ........ its sweet to be a pot head in canada if u play by a few rules .

and even better yet u can legally grow for medicinal reasons...
i get to do this after years of being illegal. u can be opointed as the legal grower for someone who needs it .... my step dad is in a wheel chair ... and he finally applied for his license.

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