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cincy boy

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Jan 20, 2005
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I just had to post something in this forum i was sick of it saying NEVER :)

So what does everbody think is the best strain they themselves have smoked :confused:
The best strain I have ever grown and smoked is white widow. I have some blueberry seeds that I plan on trying out some time this year if I can ever get over this WW. :)
I v only smoked white widow once my friend grow it and we smoked a joint then he got robbed so that was the end to that
it is for sure worth growin, much better than anything goin round these parts.
I would love to get my hands on some of those seeds I just dont want to buy them unless there cheap :cool:
seeds were very reasonable. check out the nirvana section at doc chronics website. fast shipping and very discrete packaging. i also put on my cc. :) ordering those seeds was the smartest thing i ever did since i started growing. i dont think one would ever burn out on the ww. its allways good till the last choker hit. and i mean one bowl will stone 8 ppl and still be cookin. white widow is da stuff, man.
I think Im going to invest in some and keep a male so i have a lot of seeds for a while
buy good seeds and grow a healthy mom to clone from. if you have the space, that is.

i too would like to save some males, but just for breeding diff strains. fresh seeds would be nice too. if one plays his cards right, he will only have to order seeds once.
Thats what I want to do have fresh seeds and such :rolleyes:
Seeds that you grow yourself are always of less quality then from a good breeder. I have tried this myself a few times and although they germinate, seeds from Nirvana are always much better in quality and have almost always a 100% germination rate.

It's better to keep a clone of your best producing plant. It takes some work but it's the best you can do.
i agree, a good mom will hook one up for a long time. get plenty of practice cloning. a clone mean s you will know exactly what kind of plant your growin. clones will allways be female and the same traits that the mom had. choose the best of all for a mom.
until recently I would have said I wasn't sure what the best I had smoked was (they were all good in different ways) but that was before I smoked white widow, that is definetely the best!
Hey mar this is a little off topic but over in amsterdam when you buy bud from the shops do they take your name and monitor how much your buying and shit I read this somewhere
I don't live in Amsterdam but close to Rotterdam. They have closed a lot of coffeeshops this year because they want to be a little stricter and for the Euro laws.

But there are still enough of them and it seems that ilegal growing is on the rise because of this. We also have special grow shops orientated for Cannabis growing and there profits skyrocket the last few months.

I think they come back from what they have decided because it just gives more problems to close down coffeeshops.

But to come back on your question. No they never ask for your name or anything. You can just buy from a big list of what they have. Seems so onreal for a lot of people but here it is normal and you don't get excited about it.
Do you buy it in like grams (joints) and how much is it
You buy the stuff in grams, but you can also buy joints a peace.
The prices differ to what you order. Super Skunk is cheap and strong and one of the most popular smokes around here. But most for the young kids that starting out, but still a lot of veterans smoke SS also still regularly.

2.5 grams kost you about 12 Euro. These are grams from Kilo grams, not sure if you guys have the same grams.
12 euro in the us is like 20 dollers and we have 28 garms an ounce and 16 ounces a pound 1 gram here equals 0.001 kilograms
so that figures round $60 usd for a quarter oz bag. bout the same price in my part of the us for street stuff. i cant bring myself to even smoke that crap any more. :)

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