Bleached out spots on leaf

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Jan 15, 2011
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I was thinking N issue but I don't see it in the chart in the stickys. It is the only 1 of 6 plants that is showing it and all are treated the same. The strain is Full Moon and the only one I have of it. It is about 7 weeks in flower and is supposed to take 12-14 weeks to finish so I'm half way there. The problem leaves, 3-4, are near the top of the plant and my hand doesn't burn when I place it at the top, under the 1000w light.
Any help much appreciated.

IMG_0234 (533x800).jpg
Hmmm....except for that one spot the leaf is a rich dark green...sure don't look like fade which is good if she is a long flowering strain like you said.
Did it touch the light?? I see now it likely didn't...but this looks a bit like a light burn similar to what I get often when my babes' leaves wander too close to the 400w HPS bulb I use as side-lighting.
No, it didn't touch the light as I have at least a foot of clearance. I suppose the light might be too, close at 1 1/2 ft. It is a hooded, open light without anything under it, (no glass panel) and not vented. The strain originates from the equatorial region so should stand the heat better than typical strains, I would think.
it almost looks like heat/light stress IMO:aok:
It def doesnt look like N deficiency or heat burn to me. I have been through both and you are dealing with something else that I have never seen in my opinion.
Thats not what bleaching looks like at all. That looks more like what I would call bronzing and not bleaching.
Well, I guess I'll move my light up a little. Heck, a 1000 watter has plenty enough reach for what I have going so no loss should be noticed by it. Thanks for your quick responces.
I wouldnt move it up. Was that coloring on the very top top growth of your cola closest to the light?
Any idea what the temps are at the canopy? No glass and no vent? It must be 100 degrees in there.:eek:
Last I checked it was 82f....the plant(s) are doing great otherwise, I have great bud and trich production. This grow is making my first grow look sick. I have growth above the affected leaves but only by a couple inches and doesn't seem to be affected.

By no vent I meant not a vented hood. I have 2-6" computer fans at the top and 2-4x12" inlet slots at the bottom.

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