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Has anyone ever used this type of fertilizer (it is all nitrogen 10-0-0)? I'm wondering if mixing it into my soil (I'm transplanting at 2 - 3 weeks) would help the plants while vegging and also might help produce more females.


Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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Blood meal is some very powerful stuff, I've seen a many a grow get fried from it. Be careful if your going to use it. It is better to get a quality fert with all the ratios already worked out for you IMHO.


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Jan 14, 2007
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Blood Meal is my choice, thats how I grow my lil monsters. What I usally do is get a tablespoon and evenly sprinkle the blood meal around the soil KEEPING A 2" RADIUS AROUND THE STEM FREE OF THE BLOOD MEAL. In other words DO NOT PUT BLOOD MEAL TO CLOSE TO THE STEM. The way I do it is I bought a simple $0.50 salt shaker and filled it with blood meal. EVERY TWO WEEKS I SPRINKLE THE SOIL(same amount as with the tablespoon) this way I insure even coverage. you might want to take the lid off the salt shaker after your done then place a piece of plastic over it and place the cap back on because that stuff does not smell pretty good at all. Another thing My plants love is every once in awhile (9-10 days) I'll go to my local meat market and ask them if they could give me some meat juice (the excess blood found on meats) and mix it water and give it to them. I WOULD ONLY START TO GIVE THIS TYPE OF FOOD AFTER TWO WHOLE WEEKS FROM SEEDING. its pretty simple if you dont over do it and follow the instructions.

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