blood test????

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Mar 6, 2006
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I have to take a blood test soon. How long is marijuana detected in your blood? If I drink alot of water will it help? what else can i drink or do to pass???:eek:
did they ,tell you you were taking it, for drugs and if so ,who told you so
the thing is I am pregnant and I know its bad to smoke when your pregnant but I have.... my state just made a new law that they drug test all women after birth ... by blood... I dont know what to do I have quit smoking but I dont want to lose my child because of some stupid mistake ... what should i do
what kind of drugs marijuana, cocain, what if marijuana ill get back to you on a solution , if cocain ,you just tell them you eat poppy seed bagels on a regular basis,if they find traces keep denien it ,ask , could it be something i ate ,because i seen on the news a few days ago that poppy seeds have been causing people to fail drug test
alright for the blood test on weed how can you pass it?

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