Blown Bulb

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So i woke up this morning and found one of my lights out????

600 watt Hps blew in the night. scarry stuff.

bulb 001.JPG

bulb 002.JPG

bulb 003.JPG
I've heard some stories about ppl losing the fingers or suffer serious damage because the glass of the bulb also exploded ... scary
Did the glass actually break (I can't tell from the pics)?

I have never actually heard or known of a real person that got injured because of a bulb exploding. I have used large wattage HIDs for about 15 years now without incident.
the outer shell didnt break but several pieces inside did, theres alot of debris inside the bulbs glass, aswell as a white, blueish grey burn the full length of the bulb.

i know its not the end of the world but like alot of us in this hobby fire is always on my mind and a 600 watt bulb doing this gives me the creeps.
I have had a couple do that. Sometimes if you go days on end when a grow is dialed you might not even know it burnt out for long periods. Lights still fire up as normal, just put off small % of lumens. No harm.
Artemis, LU600 watt/T/plant.

its only been used for 10 weeks.
im gonna try but i bought it online and im trying to remember where i bought it.

Duh for me, LOL.

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