Blue Widow

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May 24, 2009
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Was a freebie seed from the 'Tude.Sprouted on 3-18,currently in FFOF soil in a 3 gallon bucket.She is already flowering.Let me know what you think.


May Garden 014.JPG

May Garden 012.JPG
Looking very frosty.Hard to believe she is this far along.



looks good. is she an auto?
he said it was the freebie from the tude. they where giving away the blue widow, heavy duty fruity, blue hash, burmese kush, dark star, kushage and others but none r autos. all of which r in my garden. the blue widow is the biggest of my freebies this year and the heavy duty fruity started its flower already but may becoming back to veg
I don't think it was auto but it has sure acted like one.It pretty much kept up with my Super Cali Haze,which was just chopped by the way.I've got the BuKu in flower also and have 2 Darkstar and a SAGE going as well as some bagseed girls.All mine have been outside pretty much since they sprouted.It has been a strange season so far.
this one looks to be in reveg?...depending on where ya at in the in Seattle we in HIGH Veg right now..Looks nice my friend..Keep us posted and be safe
howdy hows that blue widow coming along? is she still flowering? can we get sum more shots of this early girl plz

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