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Mar 5, 2008
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hey im gonna start a journal today.They are 3 months old and have been in flowerin for 5 days with 12/12 light with a 250watthps.I lucked out and all 3 turned female.they have been preflowerin for over 2 weeks and are growing.Ill get sum pics and if anyone wants to put there 2 cents in please do so any help will be appreciated.
hey heres my tallest and biggest with bud development.the very top new leaves look skin and shrivled is the light to close or they just young leaves?







Everything is looking great Blunt Man. As far as nutes go i would get anything Fox Farm. ;)

Ladies are looking great there blunt man. Definitely going to be some nice buds when you finally harvest those ladies.

You want to get a fert that is high in P and K and low in N. TBG said it. Just about anything fox farm works great.

Good luck with the ladies and I'm looking forward to some more pictures in the near future. Take care my friend.
Theres Blunt man and he's with chronic, you have some pretty ladies
THanks guys,today i went and bought sum dolimite lime and sum 5-30-5 bloom fertilizer. ILL get more pics soon
dolomite lime is good of you have low ph levels in your soil as does hardwood ash, bone meal, crushed marble, or crushed oyster shells

ph levels are important in soil and it can take several days to get under control
dont panic if its to high or low slow process

good items to lower ph are sawdust, composted leaves, wood chips, cottonseed meal, leaf mold and especially peat moss

Fox farms is ok ive heard dr hornbys over rates fox farms results
all just trial and error to find what works best for your ladies

just dont use miracle grow please

Lime acts as a ph BUFFER. It works to maintain a neutrel ph(7.0) wether your soil is acidic or base, it works at maintaneing 7.0. It is also a good source of magnesium.
But it should be mixed into your soil well, "prior" to planting, at a rate of 1 tblsp per gal. of medium.
i put a small hand full of dolimte lime on top of my soil, should I have not done this?
some of those plants look like they have a silver tint to the leaves.
The lime shouldn't hurt them. Make sure to water them so the lime will soak down into the soil. Good luck once again and keep us posted my friend. Take care.
blunt man said:
i put a small hand full of dolimte lime on top of my soil, should I have not done this?

It shouldn't hurt but the ratio you used was the amount of lime to mix in the soil prior to planting for the future put 1 or 2 teaspoons per gallon of water and shake well then pour in the soil. I know you said you used dolomite lime however, I just want to Reiterate that you never use hydrated lime as it will burn the plants. I made this mistake on my tomato plants and learned the hard way! Her's a link the calcium/magnesium deficiencies are about halfway down the page..
heres sum more pics day 15 into flowerin. I got some curled under leaves and sum that sorta look like there dryin up or sumthin, i think it was cuz my 250watt light was to close(a foot away)its now 2 feet away from the canopy but if it looks like something eles please tell me thanks.the 1st is 21" the 2nd is 28" and the last is 32"

Please check out my leaf problem




Tonight while triming off the lower branches that dont produce much bud, I axesidently cut off sum of the bark :hairpull: .now shes got a open wound and its all my fualt, too baked to do a simple procedure i guess. so now i must bandage her up.It was my 2nd bigest lady friend

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