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Boo Gottem................................. Nice shoes Boo
Just so everyone is clear I am laughing with Boo here and in no way am I trying to make him a blunt of my Jokes, no jokes just a new pair of gator shoes, and a lot of Gator meat.
I hope Boo has a large supply of dry ice to send some out to the members .
Popcorn was a great moonshiner and a trailblazer,, but the new guys have come a long way and make much better moonshine.
I have reviewed his recipes, he used corn, barley and wheat/rye like everyone else. In my short time, I have discovered a trick or two, imagine all the tricks he was exposed to!

That community is very similar to ours, with the help of shows like moonshiners and places like the various forums that support that hobby

I'm sure many have discovered it before me, but I found large improvement by pouring the fermented mash into half gallon mason jars and let all the yeast settle to the bottom, and pour off the mash leaving it behind.

Also discovered that there are some flavor components there, so being ultra vigilant isn't the best path yet. As time goes by, I hope to discover effects of different yeasts.

I usually have a plant growing in DWC. I do this just for fun and the latest one now is well over 5 foot over the top of that puny little 5 gallon bucket it’s sitting in…the plant is a Putang cross…
or stinky pooter... :eek:
that BBG is the thirstiest plant I have ever seem, she sucks up almost 2 gallons a day...;)
Wow. In the ebb and flow the BBG really loved being flooded twice a day. Not too finicky either. I took it down too soon. I needed another week up to 70 days.She made a bundle of frosty buds for me though.
I have absolutely no problem feeding that little *****, she just looks so fat and sassy. I guess that extra month and a half of veg really let it get big. I plan on running all my plants for 70 days on this run. Gonna have to build trellises up top to hang branches from… I had a gorilla breath plant in a 30 gallon tub that would’ve yeild at least a pound of dry flowers. I had to take it down because the p.m. got way too deep into the flowers. It’s been a fight for my sanity, at times I feel defeated…:oops:
Good afternoon Ness, earlier this morning I was feeding my girls in flower and I got a phone call in the middle of mixing up my nutrients for the DWC plant. I apparently doubled the dose for my flowering nutrients and five hours later the plant looks horrible. It’s quite droopy and very unhappy so I change the nutrients and will hope for the best tomorrow morning. I spent way too many hours on the phone with new doctors and different labs setting up the stuff need to get a proper diagnosis on my kidneys. Welcome to the golden years where you spend all your time and assets at a doctors office.:eek:
That's the nice thing about hydro. Give her straight water for a day and then go back to the normal recipe. She'll be fine.
not having knowlege with DWC I dumped the wrong nutes and refilled the bucket with standard strength nutes...I was hoping that was the ticket...should I dump 'em and go straight water...
The normal strength nutrients helped perk the plant up but it was still droopy so I went to straight water after pHing… I am sure it will look much better in the morning…

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