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Feb 15, 2011
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its a stawberry ice fem ff nutes in dwc 2 weeks flowering ppm 350 ph 6.0 got sum brown specs started at middle and worked it self up confused sprayed with epson salt ahd boild eggs shells srayed for a week ever morning for a quik cal/mag. should it clear up or the leavs stay like that my ph keeps going dow from6.0 to 5.1 and ppm goes up 10 ppm every morning when i check her and why cant i up the ppm is it cus its in a dwc pls help first time info temps day 75-78 night 68-70 humdity 50- 40 . ph 6.0 goes down 5.1 ovre night ppm 350 goes up 10 ppm over night. 400 hps light 12/12 pl pl pls help:eek:
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Why are you unable to raise your ppm's? 350 is way to low for flowering, mine are at 1000+ when in flower, they are starving. pH should be 5.8 for DWC. Are you letting your water aerate for 24 hours prior to adding nutes to the water?

A good place to start to learn more is right here
im not letting aerate is that the ph problem ?what about nutes last time i got them to 500ppm it got brown spec i think that was th problem should i bring them up its got lil buds already just tring to get rid of those brown spots do they go away after srayed (epson) they went from the bottom to the top be 4 this happen my ph pen broke and had to oder a new one well when i got the new one check the ph and it was 4.5 or do u think that caused the brown specs what about tha nutes they say lower nutes in dwc or is that to low imfo pl asap and even as low as the ppm is when i check it ever morning ppm goes up and ph down doesnt that mean to much nutes from what i read
There is not enough information to answer your question.

What type/size of DWC?
What is the ppm of your water?
What nutes?
How much of each?
How do you mix them?
For how long?
pH? pH should be 5.8 for DWC.

I would suggest reading the stickies and our Growing resource section.
its a 10 gallon tote but only use 3 gallons . 300 ppm the water i get is only 15 ppm it from water mill at tha store i use fox farm and im in week 7 from there schedul 1/2 strenght mix 1 gallon at a time ph keeps falling 6.0 to 5.1 over night do u mean if let it aerate no i dont is that why it goes down pl help nu to this do i let it aerate with the nute in the water
I don't know FF nutes. I assume that's organic tea? The ppm sounds too low even for organic. In hydro setups the ph can fluxuate quickly, especially if yer chemicals are low in the water. Yu absolutely need to aerate yer water. I hope yu have an air stone with constant air in the DWC bucket. It should be boiling with air constantly. If the ph doesn't go outside of the 5.3-6.2 range, I wouldn't panic, but it does need to settle down, and I suspect getting the ppm higher will help that. Also check yer plants all over (tops n undersides of leaves) with a magnifying glass for bugs, as they can sneak in and cause brown spots where they are chewing. Good luck and welcome to "The Passion"
thank u very much i use fox farn nutes just answering ur ? up ther were u assumed it was tea ty agin
I aerate for 24 hours,then add nutes, let aerate for another 24 hours. After this I adjust the pH and let aerate another 24 hours. If pH is stable I then use, if not I readjust and aerate till I achieve the pH that I want. I also empty my buckets/rez every 7-10 days and then add a new batch of nutes. In between I just add pH adjusted water.

Are you aerating your rez?
each strain is different, but I am usually in the 900-1000+ range by then.
well u see my cant take it that high i think cause i got it to 500 and then thats when i got those brown spots
Pics would help tremendously but nute burn(to much N from over feeding) starts browning on the tips. I doubt if those spots are from to high of a ppm.

Do you aerate your tote?
ppm goes up and ph down

This sounds like the pH is out of whack. The plants are not consuming your nutes because the nutes are not available to them due to the pH being off.
so what do i do if i put it to 5.8 it goes rite back down by the morning it will be like 5.1 just goes down not up
see the above post #9
If you are not aerating your solution and not giving the nutes time to buffer the water, I would say that that could be a big part of your problem. I do like pcduck. Mixing nutes is a multi-day event. The pH reading is going to be different 24 hours after adding nutes than it is when you just added nutes. The same with pH up and down. What are you using to measure your pH and ppms?

I also have my ppms up to the 1000 range when flowering. Brown spots on the leaves are not nute burn.
still cant put pic it says to download pisca or sumting like that do ihave to

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