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Jul 25, 2005
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I've got some bud, and I want to use the ol' butter method to eat it. Anyone got some tips for this? Never done it before and I'm gonna try it tonight with some friends. much butter per gram of weed? How many grams per person? How much time should the weed marinate in the butter?

there is not a certain amount, just put enough butter so your weed won't stick depending on the amount of weed you going to use, and when its ready your weed will be brown-black, I tryed that and it tastes pretty nasty but keeps you high longer some of my friends threw up while trying to eat it. If it's some good weed try eating 2-3 spoons each and see what happens.

Here are a few tips that always work well for me.

1. Use a small electric coffee grinder to pulverize the bud to be cooked. This separates the THC crystals from the vegetable matter, allowing it to merge with the fat molecules in the butter more readily. Leads to an incredibly potent butter base! Note that the result will be a fine, sticky powder that will be light green / biege.

2. Liquify butter on medium/high heat and add bud powder. Be very careful not to burn the mixture as this will destroy the THC. Get it good and hot, but not too hot. When you see white smoke coming off the top of the butter mixture, it's just about time to remove the mixture from the heat.
In fact, don't even use high heat. Keep it at medium. You want to be very careful not to burn up the THC. However, we do want some heat in order to catalyze the chemical process wherby the THC bonds with the fat most effectively.

Basically, you wanna establish a delicate balance between getting it hot enough to bond, but not so hot that it will burn. Once the liquified butter gets completely green, is uniformly warm/hot, and starts to smoke just a little bit, take it off the burner.
Thanks for the tips guys. I've been stoned for 16 hours. :D

Didn't catch all of the tips in time, because my friends got here and we started cooking at about 6pm EST, ate at about 8pm. They turned out really well, though we each had to eat a bit more than planned (we wanted to save some, ended up with only one left) because after about half an hour most of us weren't feeling it, so we had more. So I'll adjust my method for next time according to your suggestions. Thanks!
mix two sticks of real butter and an ounce of the sticky icky(grind up the buds first)and cook the bud and the butter in a crock pot on the low temp setting and cook it for at least 10 hours and then strain the mixture you have cooked
with some clean pantyhose (were gloves)and make your fave cookies,brownies xxxxxxxgreatfulldead recipe...(make sure the temp does not go over 210 degrees)
dooby, I've never cooked it as long as 10 hours. I always figured that it would burn at that duration, but you say it's okay as long as it does not exceed 210?
Unregistered said:
dooby, I've never cooked it as long as 10 hours. I always figured that it would burn at that duration, but you say it's okay as long as it does not exceed 210?

That was me, btw. Must have had too many brownies.

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