Bug Problem!!!

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Feb 27, 2011
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Hello Everyone,

My plants are about 2-weeks old and doing pretty well. However, on 1 plant (feminized power kush), which was doing the best, I spotted 'Very Tiny White Wormlike' bugs!!

At first, I thought it was a speck of perlite that had gotten onto the leaf. But, I noticed that the leave had somewhat discolored blotches on it which it didn't have yesterday.

I killed about 4. Couldn't spot any more. The rest don't have the blotches.

What are these bugs? How do i get quickly get rid of them without hurting my plants?

Hopefully, I can quickly get some insight to this question. I want to treat the problem asap.
I have been blessed so far and have remained pest free....can you post up a pic?
Sorry, I don't have pics at this time...but as stated earlier 'tiny white worm like' bug. Kind of looks like a speck of perlite, but it started moving and that's when i spotted the problem.
"tiny white wormlike bugs" leads me to believe it is some type of bug larvae. Time to hit up your nearest garden center and find a safe spray to use. As Hammy said pics would be a big help but I know trying to capture something that small in a pic is tough without the right camera. Since your plants are only two weeks old they are probably still very small and checking them completely for pests shouldn't be too long of a task. For your sake I hope it is not spider mites.

Wish I could say it was Mites...but they dont look like worms....This poster is refering to what looks like the size of rice...yes????...and if so...Get ya some weapons to Battle the ..Thrips...As ya said...they young and are easy to take care of....May I recommend 2 of my favorite weapons...iso 99% and h20...50/50...and safers soap and neem oil...good luck...

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
without pics its hard to say, but i have had on lower leaves touching the soil fungus gnat larve on a few leaves this was after a transplant and those were going to be trimed later, just remember one thing what you put on the plant you may ingest later, get a praying mantis pet in the grow room they eat about anything but ladybugs if you find them outside the room its all good unless its a soil pest like root aphids.,
I really appreciate everyone's insight....Yesterday, after i spotted the problem and received some advice from this forum, I went to home depot and bought 2 kinds of ortho plant safe bug spray.

1 was organic and 1 (ortho max) pretty much said to use alot of caution. I cleaned out the closet and used the organic ortho.

After about 1 hour, I put the plants back in the closet and was feeling pretty proud of how I handled the situation...That being said, I started studying the plant with the bug problem and saw 2 MORE worm like bugs.

I then used the ortho max on that 1 plant. After about 45-minutes I placed it back in the closet and there was no more signs of any bugs.

I'm pretty nervous (had difficulty sleeping) about what the plants will look like today...I have a pretty long work day today so I can't look at the plants until late this afternoon at the earliest.

4u2smoke was correct in that they look like tiny specs of rice...I did not want to use Ortho Max, but it seemed like the right thing to do...I will study what thrips are.

Should I really buy a few lady bugs or prey mantus? My brother let me know that online I could buy 100 bugs that only eat spider mites, etc. and will die once the problem bugs leave for $29 plus shipping, but I thought that was pretty extreme.

Are thrips worse than spider mites? Or do both equally suck?

I also sprayed a bit on the soil, not sure if that was good idea....I'll let you guys know how the plants look this evening.

If my girls survive this episode, I'll begin to posts pics of the girls as they grow into womanhood!!! I'm really cheering for my white widow as I've never tasted it before.

I've never really tasted much good stuff. Only what my cousins from south of the border can cross over. Recently, (for the last several years) the quality has greatly deteriorated and taste is unpleasant. Hence, I started this project.

Anyways, thanks for your advice.
LOL, we have ladybugs by the thousands here, I'd be rich!
Look like this?




If so, it's fungus gnats. Dryer soil helps more than anything. Diatomaceous earth helps, as does the bacteria Thuringiensis--both available at Ace. The bacillus is sold as Safer brand Garden Dust--small plastic puff bottle. Both are dusted on top of the soil. Be cautious breathing either. They are only effective when dry, so re-apply after watering. And don't stop the other stuff you're using yet either--keep hitting them until they're gone.

Fungus gnats aren't a game-ender--they're a lot worse on seedlings and sprouting seeds than on bigger plants. Get in there and kick some ***. Good luck.
If fungus gnats, they live in the soil? If I am correct, sand will also kill them off, putting a cut up potato on the soil traps them as well...won't take care of them though, I'm guessing.

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