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Jul 29, 2011
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Any thoughts on Bushmaster? Was thinking about using it for my first grow was recommended to me by a friend
I like it. Stops the stretch like it claims ime:).
I'm not saying don't use it as I have never tried it, but I wouldn't use it on my first grow. There is so much that a new grower needs to learn, if nothing else, yu need to get to know the plant itself and throwing in another chemical this early in the game could be problematic.
I'm with Hushpuppy. Also, unless you are growing a sativa dominant plant, adequate light will keep your plant from stretching.
Sometimes a plant can get a lil bigger than expected especially if you're growing hybs like I do and the BM will really help. Its not a chemical either but seaweed extract:).
When do yu usually use it? I have some girls that have the tendency to grow straight up, even with topping, fimming, and supercropping. If I can't get a handle on them I might try that on the next grow cycle.:)
I use it the same week that I flip them to 12/12. I even have an older version. Surely the newer version is more effective:).

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