Can amotivational syndrome be cured ?

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Sep 29, 2005
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I've been smoking weed for 9 years and quited 3 months now
cause I was starting to have anxiety and amotivation problems.
I'm gonna be treated for anxiety soon and I thought that
my motivation to do things would return after quiting,
but that's not the case. :(
I was just reading some stuff about cannabis usage and found out
that some people could get amotivatonal-syndrome.

Because I still have to wait to get assigned to a psychatrist
I'm asking this questing on this Marijuana forum.

Can amotivational-syndrome be cured ?


greetings, Danny
Yes, Danny. Of course it can. The fact that you seek a "cure" means you are motivated! Good luck. A slow, methodical approach will bring you success. Go easy on yourself, but don't ever give up.
well im not sure if it can be....but maybe iw will think about it later and get back to you...but i do have this good idea about curing diabetes with ummmmmm what was that again... anyway yes it takes a few months sometimes but the big question danny is.....are you just lazy by nature. not to be a **** but be honest with yourself and that will help you figure out what the deal is.

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