can i top her at this time?

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outdoh growin mate!
Jun 21, 2011
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hey guys i was wondering if i can go ahead and top my plant or if its too late. She's 13 inches tall, showing her white pistils on the top couple of nodes. Does this mean shes starting her flowering stage or is it still early enough to top? I think its a sativa strain but not sure, been saving the seed for a long time from some killer dro though....


pic 1.JPG

Probably pre flowers...are you growing outdoors? If so she won't flower for a while I wld think...we just had the longest day of the year so each day it shld get a lil shorter. I top my plants at the 4th or 5th node but I grow indoors....not sure what the outdoors peeps do.
yes i do grow outdoors, my plants have to stay under tree shade since temps are already hitting 100, however my backyard is very tropical, lots of plants and gardens, and palm trees, i live in dallas tx and heat gets crazy hot here, so maybe keeping it in the shade is making it think the day is getting even shorter than it already is? think i can go ahead and top still?

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