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Dec 6, 2009
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Hi MP family! The past 9 years of my life were hard for me and I suffered loss after loss while I saw my children growing to become 10 and 6 girl and boy. This blessing surpasses all hardships, however one of the hardships was a severe economic collapse that caused banks to default and work became really tough because not only they robbed me, but also my clients' savings. The thing that kept me alive was my passion for this plant and by that time I was still a hobby grower. From that time on, i took my craft seriously and now I feel like i have a load of knowledge that has value. I am looking at online tutoring jobs and was wondering if anyone has info on where i could apply, or any other ideas on how to monetize my knowledge. MP was always a place where I feel home and I give it credit and thank you all for keeping my faith high. Happy growing!
Could offer small classes at your place , Make it a You Grow your
Have them start and grow right in your yard or studio shop.
This is a good idea maybe more difficult to do since i need advertising and my own platform. I also found an online platform where they pay tutors for specific courses i am thinking if i meet the requirements and apply at enough places like that with a good course i might get started with that.
You can always start a grow journal or tutorial here for practice. :)
Oh I have a lot of practice with that already besides i always look for threads that discuss growing to participate and share info. If it were legal here, i would have tried to do an online course as trial. MP is where fellow growers share great ideas and i get a lot of great info from here.

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