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May 11, 2007
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So Ive got this computer fan that I want to hook up and Im not sure what the pieces on the back of my fan are. It has the normal fan but then it has some pieces attached to the back and on the box it says it has two heat pipes on it but Im not sure what the rest is. Im not even sure what a heat pipe is. It doesnt say what the cfm is either. Im wondering if I should unhook the fan from this other peice or not.

Does anybody have experience with these fans and wireing them to a power source? I have a red, yellow, and black wire. Thanks.



ummm...that's a cpu cooler. were you looking for a case fan??
remove the cooler ..and cut the wires..only need red and black....then any low voltage plug will phone..hand held games..ect...cut those wires and conect to the fan..Ill go take some pics of mine 4u...Here hold this :48:
Yeah it looks like the heat helps disperse the heat build up from the CPU I believe.
I remember a thread by The Brothers Grunt where he wired the fan to a big 12volt battery or something like that but I just wanted to see if anybody else did it differently.

What is the average cfm for these small computer fans? I know you will all say that all fans are different but somebody just give me a guess at what an average fan might do.
Hey Maine-

Check the voltage- should be on the package. Usually they're low voltage but some are standard 110.

A 4" "box" fan like that usually runs between 25 to 55 cfm's. I use a lot of them in my work.
Thanks everybody. I just looked my fan up online and it sells for $30 and is 35cfm.
Dude, I bought one from a grow store: Dayton pt # 4WT47 $35 it came with a cord just plug and play and it moves 105cfms. I tried a couple from The Shack, and the first one lasted 3 months and quit, the second one was noisy right from the start.
Nova, Ive had this fan laying around for a few years and Im in the middle of building a small T5 flower box so I thought that I would put it to good use. I have a 96 watt T5 that doesnt put off too much heat so Im thinking this computer fan will do the trick.

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