What is the purpose of large "fan" leaves?

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Lol that was an oversight…I guess I didn’t mean it literally. Better choice of words next time my friend, I promise 😂
we are all a little slow around here especially the morning .( some are slower than others ..)
You mean like this....

Oh Oh I know
It's for our Women to make large Fan Leaves Fans so they can keep us cool while we smoke a round.
Only if they still identify as a woman
When I defoliate my plants, I stand elevated so I can look down on top of the canopy and any leaf that shades a flower site below it comes off. I have never had a plant hurt me because of stripping the fan leaves. I am pretty aggressive when it comes to stripping my plants down, but I found it works for me, and I have no ill affects.
I do what boo does and look at the plant from the top and anything in the way of a budsite below I take off. It is amazing how many will grow back in the next few days and how much better your canopy will look. I defoliate every time I check them everyday. Mr Sub is still not use to all the trash cans in my house covered in reefer leaves and says something to me about it everyday.
Couple weeks before harvesting i take all my leaves off and leave just buds and small sugar leaves. Seems to make my buds swell up more.
What's wrong with pic? Pop Quiz


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