cool cabinet for stealth grows

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Jan 23, 2006
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It's 48W"x24D"x78H" You could easily put a hydro unit in there and enough room to hang two grow lights (1-8 plants) Cut sq. holes at the top and bottom to add exhaust/fan. Any comments or ideas...I'm currently planning a project similar but I'm buying a cheaper cabinet--same quality though J I like this idea because you can leave this out in the open, say, in your room or along a wall in the basement or garage. You could add squirrel cages to vent the cabinet out at high rates. Anyone have similar experiences with this type of setup?
outstanding! truly. What kind of rubber seal was he talking about to use on the doors so that they remained completly sealed up>? hrmmm.
thats it right there. found at all hardware stores.

wow, ty mutt. I really love this idea. I'm planning it now!
Just wanted to add on the link. under the picture in the bottom left of the box. it has 2 buttons Profile and Pcitures. click the pictures. there are more shots of the construction that wasn't in the thread. ;)
You mentioned using squerill cages adn ive heard of this before what exactly do they do?
they are exhaust fans. They exhaust the air out of your grow area.
google stanley blower. I heard they are quiet.
Hey Mutt, how in godsname did you find that link? It was a secret thingy that i wanted to add to the site but abandoned the idea, so there's no link I think from the site to it. :)
i have a simalar set up does not look as good though. thanks mutt.
Ooops, my mistake. I just found it. check your PM. I edited my post to delete that page link for ya. I left the Cab. link though.
No problem, I just wondered how you got to it, but I know now. thanks
Do you think it would be possible to split this closet into two 2x2 areas, having mh w/ vegetative on one side, and hps for flowering on the other. 4 Plants on each side?

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