Cure in molasses residue?

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Feb 6, 2022
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I bought dried molasses for my grow; they arrived in mylar-lined packages. I'm putting my just harvested/dried bubblegum in the empty package to cure. As the curing process, as I understand, converts bad tasting chlorophyll and starches into sugars. The empty package still smells of molasses so there are some particles/molecules left in the "empty" package. Anyone have any idea if this would have any effect? Am I sweetening the bud. Feeding bad guys? Doing anything at all?
If it was me, I'd either chuck the bags, wash them out clean 'til there was no more smell, or try it with a popcorn bud or two. Last thing ya wanna do is screw up after all the work to get where you are.

How lucky are ya?
If you know how to grow, have good genetics and dry/cure properly you don't need tricks to produce excellent bouquet quality marijuana.
Was thinking of it as an experiment rather than a trick but in that case, I'd only be fooling myself and I don't mind a bit.
I am not sure smoking dried molasses powder would be enjoyable or healthy
Especially if it turned out that I grew a batch of shit leaf....
I am not sure smoking dried molasses powder would be enjoyable or healthy
Was thinking (?) it would be more like a molasses terpene rather than a particle. I find the smell of carmelized sugar quite appealing and if I've got some meh weed it might kick it up a notch.

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