Molasses, re-using soil tips please, and a thanks to Zen Lunatic

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Feb 6, 2022
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First, thank you to Zen Lunatic for the extremely informative post(s) about using molasses as a soil amendment. Now I understand a bit more.

I've been adding liquid molasses for several years: in liquid form in gallon bottles, not organic., purchased on line.
I water my outdoor containers, gravity fed & dragging hoses, from a 35-gallon rain barrel used as a cistern to which I add this and that (molasses, kelp, guano of some kind, ascorbic acid to nulify chlorine, & whatever else seems helpful) in an extremely informal recipe.
I grow in what I hope is super soil: the previous year's soil, baked in sun, rained on, and amended with ground egg shells, worm castings, and finally planted with nitrogen-fixing legumes in late winter. I refill the clean containers with it and off I go again. I dust some myco & aloe powder (for happy roots) into the planting hole as I transplant. It seems to work ok
I've never had much luck ascertaining/controlling soil ph. so I have no idea what is going on there and decided to quit worrying about it. The plants survive and bloom and give me an adequate harvest. Anyhow....
I just found & ordered certified organic molasses granules online: 3 pack of 12.5 oz which penciled out to $.58/oz. I've calculated that one of these packets per 35 gallons ought to be just about right. It is supposed to be dried molasses, i.e., not the feed type mixed with grain.
My question: does anyone see any glaring errors in this process? Or have any ideas for improving my recipe.

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