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Feb 7, 2011
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ok my buds have been drying for 5 days, and last nite i put them in my mason jars. and now when i went to burp the jars, they freaking stink, almost like strong fresh cut grass. any advice??
Hygrometers are nice--they'll tell you all sorts of things.

How snappy were your stems when you jarred them? How much N did you use in late flower?
the stems crackled just a little bit, but could still bend, and i would say 45-50% of my leaves were yellow or turning yellow.
Sounds like you did everything right, got good natural fade at the end. Gently open a bigger bud up in the middle by bending it over and pulling a nug away from the stem, and see how dry it is. I might re-hang them or lay them out on brown paper for an hour or two if they're still pretty soft and wet inside the big buds.

Hopefully most of that will dissipate with a few burpings. Good luck.
what about using a screen to put the buds on??
I lay them on a brown paper bag I've cut and opened out flat--it's pretty absorbant and you can retrieve all those stray pistils that drop off. If you dry it too fast, it won't lose that green taste ever. I put the paper in the bottom of a large tote, toss in the bud, and put it almost under a ceiling fan turning at about eye speed.
ok, one more thing lol i dont have any brown paper bags but would a brown box work if i cut it up and let it flat?
Sure. Newspaper will work but might give you an inky smell.

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