dank Mycorrhizae hookup

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May 10, 2009
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earlier this year i was trying to find the purest myco i could to use on this years outdoor/indoor so i checked out a big local company i had only glanced at while driving by. the place is called Mycorrhizal Applications. i went down there and sat down with one of their employees who informed me about everything they do and was explaining everything about myco. i simply told her i needed it for mmj and she knew exactly what i needed. i bought 10 Lbs of endo and got a few qp. samples of different kinds.
the first time i used it i just watered some clones in 1gals when i transplanted and 3 days later there were FAT hella bright white fuzzy roots popping out at least 1 of the holes at the bottom of the 1gals. some of the clones were literaly gushing roots out of the holes. anyways..
you can buy it damn near everywhere. ive been using this stuff since all other myco isnt specificly for cannabis or its cut/cost too much and isnt worth the price. this stuff isnt cheap but its worth it.
I was given a bunch of these little packets at a Northern lights grand opening a couple weeks ago, a tablespoon mixed in the planting hole on my clones, I hope my results are as good as yours, I see that Fox Farm adds a little of that into the mix,anyway just pouring rain here today.


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