Dealing with wind drift male hemp pollen


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Feb 26, 2019
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With the coming wave of industrial hemp growing in this country, due to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill into law, there may be some of you (already heard) fighting and dealing with the headache and heartbreak of wind drift male pollen from fields of hemp.
I do have an alternate solution that I'll put out here and makes sense to me, but if I'm all wet, please jump in and correct me.

If we grow our photoperiod marijuana strains outdoors and wait for the long awaited shortening of summer light, approaching the fall equinox then our plants are prone to the pollen drift from neighbors that 1. either did not cull out the males from their marijuana grow, or 2. are growing industrial hemp with a 50-50 mixture of male and female seeds.
Your final crop could be seedy, less desireable, and sometimes worthless.

Why not grow Autoflower female stains in such settings? If you have no issues with neighbors and look to get that higher yield, then by all means grow the normal feminized or cloned photoperiod strains. But, if you already know you have issues with neighboring hemp fields, then it would seem to me that starting Autoflower strains, about now (mid April) to be put out as soon as frost danger is past. Their very nature is to finish from germination to maturity in just a few weeks.... thereby, maturing long before male hemp plants have a chance to release pollen. You could even stage it in in 3 week growing periods and probably get in 3-4 grows in the summer before you'd run into male pollen issues.

Just drinking my coffee and thinking of that and passing along what may be an alternative. I now many don't like Autos, but I feel a well grown "seedless" auto would be superior to a seedy photoperiod any day.