Defining Stoned

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May 25, 2005
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I've come to the conclusion that some people (maybe most) have never been REALLY high.
Here's how I define REALLY high:
after 3 bongs hits, you can't talk.
Not because of cottom mouth, or stopping in the middle of a sentence because you forgot what you were saying, but because you can't hold a thought in your head long enough to form a sentence.
You ever been that high (on weed ONLY)?
never having to say your sorry ;;;; oh thats love. never mind
When I get that high I am literally a bump on a log. I havent gotten that high in awhile.. At least 3 large bong hits of fresh chronic. Speaking of which...
yes i have been that high before, but not in long time. that quality of green is hard to come by lately around here.

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