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Feb 22, 2006
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Today when I went to check on the plants, the smaller flouro I was using fell over and crushed 1 of the plants! I cut it off at the break point and planted the remaining part back in the soil. It lost about an inch or so of the original plant height. I have no idea if this will work, but i'm praying for the best. The plants are only about 2 weeks old so I have a feeling it's just going to die.I hope I'm wrong.
Either use rootone for about 4 bucks at wal-mart or stick it in distilled water to get it to root. I would get the rootone. Its a roooting hormone and may help you out. I mean it is the same thing as a clone. It is a cutting.

edit: when I am LST'ng I always keep a bottle of rooting hormone around. I break off a branch by accident every now and then. I just clone it immediatly If I do do this.
If the plant is broken and has a jagged end. I would suggest that you make a clean diagonal cut at the end and then dip it in rooting hormone. You may as well buy the hormones now as you will need it later.
Oh yeah try and use a sterilized knife or scissor. Rubbing alchohol or fire will do the trick.

Good luck to you.
Thanks guys, i'm gonna get some rooting hormone right now, Mutt can you send me that link again, i accidentally deleted it?
no your right ,,,the plants dead
wow rasta, that was a negative attitude.

bouq: The broken end can live for about a day or two sticking it in dirt is ok but water would be better for a short while. If you get the rooting hormone and makes a fresh cut (check Hicks cloning guide in my link). You may save it. Its worth a shot. Check you PM for the link.

note: when you take a cutting it takes a at least a week if not longer for it to root good. so it basically getting all of its water from the leaves. you need to make a make shift humidity dome. I would take a two-liter bottle (clear) and cut the bottom off it. put a small pot with holes in the bottom and sit it in a little tray of water, fill it with soil (no nutes), and then put the top of the bottle on top. walla a humidity dome. take it off about 3-4 times a day and mist it with r/o spring water or distilled water if it needs it. this will let fresh air in and get moisture in there. DO NOT TOUCH THE CLONE. no touchy feely, do not check to see if it is rooting nothing. be very delicate with the clone while it is trying to root. It will droop and start to look like its dying. If it dyes oh well, you back to where you were and out a bottle of water, and 4 bucks for rooting hormone (which you will use again). but it will look sad until those roots start and it starts living on its own. IMO
your plants dead , i had the same problem it ill go down every day until it dies .just make hash
Alright, here I go again. Dude, if you were the man, you could clone your plant from a root sample or a tissue sample. You'd have to make like you're growing shrooms and get everything nice and clean and grow that shit in a test tube.

I'm also going to tell you that you can more than likely not save your plant, but I may be able to. You can do many things with that broken plant. You can mend it, or tape it and hope that works. More than likely it wont. You can layer it, take a sample and clone it, or, if you didn't break it you could eve T-Bud the thing. That has worked in the past for me. T-Budding is really though, but I did it in a lab with some cool technology.
yeah keyword ,A Lab!!!!!!i agree with you though mutt
you don't need a lab to T-bud, or layer. But you can't T-bud unless you have a healthy plant as well. Sometime we get to wander over to the lab abd test things out.

Anyway, did the plany pull through? ... sad when they don't.

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