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Apr 8, 2011
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Thought I would open this thread up for discussion about using weed in food. Last weekend I made some pretty potent butter and washed it 5x. After adding it to a brownie mix and trying the finished product, it was clear that washing it did little to take away the pungent flavor of the THC.

I am open to hearing ideas or experiences that may lead to a better tasting product. Fact is, it may be that butter just isn't the perfect carrier after all. Some things I have considered (besides washing):

Starting out with water cured bud.

Less simmering time. WAY less simmering time.

Starting out with kief.

Starting out with oil (this would be a curious experiment. Isomerizing and refining oil will eventually strip is flavor away, but enough to eat without noticing?)

Wonder what would happen if the butter and bud were simmered in skim milk instead of water? Wonder what effect (if any) the lactic acid would provide? Or even adding lemon/lime juice to this mixture.. I am sure it would solidify any proteins, which might be even more separation from fat, and isomerizing thc is an acidic process... Hmm..

K, gimme your thoughts.. I got enough laying around I could probably do a few real time experiments.. And the goal should be a good eating medible with none or little clue as to it's contents..

Oh, and my last batch of butter went in at 1 and 1/4 oz course ground bud to 5 sticks butter..
NV Ive found that from my experience with making edibles that brownies dont work very well at covering the weed taste..... Ive tried many brownie mixes & scratch recipies but they never really cover all of the weed flavor... We've even added chocolate chips/peanut butter chips to the mix, hersheys syrup but nothing covers the flavor completely with brownies... Ive come to this same conclusion with chocolate chip cookies...

IME making edibles Banana Bread & magic cookie bars(recipe on condensed milk can) cover the weed flavor almost completely....
Hmm.. Interesting info JAAM.. And you are right, never had a brownie that didn't taste somewhat hashy.. I have noticed that if I don't breath through my nose when I eat them, there is NO weed flavor at all.. Thanks for the insight..
My girl infuses the veg oil instead of the butter, it is less noticeable, she makes brownies and you cant really tell, its got a hint of hashy but the flavor is washed out by the brownie.
I also infuse canolla oil now instead of making butter. I find it easier to use and the taste seems better. Just made a chocolate cake with it last weekend.
I was surprised it tasted so good because the oil looked rancid.:)

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