Doctors Apointment Tests

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Im a fairly regualar smoker and have been for the past 2 years or so. However I have a doctors apointment coming up in a month or so, Usualy I simply quit smoking for the month or so before the apointment but Im planing on smoking about a two weeks before the apointment for a concert. Anyway to get down to brass tacks Im wondering if standard doctors physicals test your piss for pot or if they just look for disseases unless my mother marks down to check for pot on the forms (she wouldn't).
well yea they check for everything steroids etc. and they also check for dehydration they dont check for diseases tho so dont smoke and have fun coughing
Mikey you're wrong.
No they don't check for pot on a standard physical. Only if asked to.
Joe Blow is right, unless you or your employer request it they by law cannot check for anything you don't ask them to....
by law they cannot test for drugs without you personally knowing, they need your consent, every drug test u take u sign an agreement showing you agree for your urine to be tested for drugs, unless maybe its a manditory drug tested give by a court of law.

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