Don Consemillas 2011

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May 23, 2011
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This is our first grow together as Don Consemillas. So... lets get it on !

- Regular
Harlem Diesel
Jack Diesel
Critical 47
Black Widow
Sour Amnesia
Mr. Bubba
Early Afghani

- Express
Afghan Express
Critical Express

Lets take a look :D
:holysheep: The look great Don. :aok: Quite a buffet! I'll tag along if ya don't mind. I love buffet's. :D
Got room for a Hamster? I will park my furry lil butt over here. Nice lineup...are the express autos or short flowering?
The express's are auto. They are flowering beautifully. These pics are a few days old, you wont believe how much they have grown :D.

I dont mind if any of you tag along, just that we have to wait a little :D.

So, party at our place !
ill pull up piece of fur, & not the hamster! green mojo
Thats a Critical Express, it gets more beautiful as each day goes by :D

Can't wait to get a taste of it !
Some closer look at the flowers :D

Stay safe ! :hubba:


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Found a male among the Cheese, so far we got 1 or 2 more male suspects :D.

Everythings going fine, ill come with more pics soon.

Stay safe !:hubba:
lol u barried ur male with a cross:holysheep: :eek: :D thats some funny shat
Our girls are often compared with a human, and we love them likewise.
Its good to enjoy doing what you like.
Tomorrow ill post some pics with the advanced flowering Critical and Afghan Express. They are going like nuts :D

All the best and stay safe !
Haha, that last set of pics cracked me up. RIP
So, here they are :D
The Critical Express

We got another 10 that didnt popped cuz they were put straight into the soil. Germinated and replanted them, now we wait :hubba: .


Stay safe !
We had some guerilla cheese, the other morning when we went to water them we found an empty leveled field. My heart stopped. :/ we saved 6 out of 10 and transplanted them in pots. They are recovering well.

On the other side, the small Critical Express is about ready, now its 1 week without water and up to dry :D.

Next week we're gonna be really busy. The other Critical Exp. is about due and we will manually flower some Cheese, Early Afghani, Haarlem Diesel, African Cheese and Bigrasta.

Ill come with some pics tomorrow.

Stay safe and enjoy this lovely summer ! ;)
Why don't you let them grow up a little bit before you flower them?
@mountain man: they are around waist level, so we decided they are good for flowering :D.

@MrFulldankWeed: we are a seed retailer, so we used the seeds we sell; and some we got from a friend.

On the other side, the Critical Exp. is looking good, starting to get dry :D can't wait to taste it *yummy yummy*

Here are some photos :)

We have twins ! :D CIMG0997.jpg

Stay safe ! :D

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